Thursday, May 16, 2013

Internet Marketing - What kind of marketer are you?

When it comes to marketing the environment changes so frequently it is hard to stay ahead. The common techniques have an almost predictable result if done correctly and in the realm of internet marketing there lots of rules to follow. With Mobile apps, visual and viral marketing now being a must, staying ahead of the digital marketing curve becomes a necessity when designing your marketing strategy. Surely, the competition is going to add these trending techniques into theirs. Really, there is no such thing as being a trend-follower unless you “just” implement what’s trending in internet marketing “now!” 
What is a trend setter, you may wonder, a trendsetter is the marketer who is in touch with his consumer base, he knows what they are interested in, he is the marketer who monitors his consumers steps and then he designs his campaigns to match the majority interest. This marketer is known as the trendsetter because he knows what his consumers want and how to show them they want it. He sets the trend!

Apple marketers are trendsetters, they appeal to their consumers interests and they create campaigns that intrigue them with such things as mobile apps and synchronization. Google is on the same level. These two massively successful companies aren't mentioned because everyone knows them and would love to be as successful. These two giants of media got this way because they monitor, engage and re-market their consumer base. They appeal to their desires and design their marketing strategies to focus on what their clients are hoping to find rather than marketing their product. Now their services, features and products are their marketing outlets.

Many marketers may follow such core principles as “don’t fix what’s not broken” but the results are always limited. You can just about predict that following trends (even with engaging content) will yield a specific percentage of ROI on the campaign.

Following trends works but most get in too late to maximize ROI from what is trending in internet marketing. Call it lack of access to priority information or not. The point is that the trendsetters are the ones who gain maximum profit..... Every time!

How to set the trend? You have to know what the client wants, you have to create that content and then market to it. Accessing your website traffic movement data, in real-time is essential. If you do not know immediately what your consumers are interested in and what not, then your campaign success is limited automatically to a specific outcome.

“Marketing is of course, an ever changing environment and staying ahead of the competitors requires access to prospect data in real-time, so you know what is most interesting in their eyes instantaneously.”

- John Basset
Marketing Director
Deloitte International

The biggest issue is that smaller companies find themselves with a lack of options to have these tools that huge corporations can purchase without a blink. It leaves small and medium companies stuck in a revolving door, which consists of grabbing onto the coattails of successful marketing techniques that start to trend.

The power is imbalanced by budget and lack of integrated solutions for the growing class. Are the tools needed to have the power of marketing manipulation available?... Sure.

Many small and medium businesses have innovative and open leadership pushing them forward. These leaders are consistently and constantly looking for the answers to the questions. One of the most frequent questions asked is “How can I make my business more profitable?”

The answers received vary and some help, some do not. Trendsetters find the answers to their questions from prospects, generation to generation. This used to be done by mailings, then phone surveys took precedence and now phone and online means are used daily.

Are surveys still efficient to learn what your prospects want of you? A trendsetter still uses the old school techniques such as surveys and gathering opinions by phone. The trendsetter is successful though not by this and is successful by watching their prospects in their natural buying process. They have the tools available to guide their prospects and the real-time data needed to market to their prospects intentions.

So where are these amazing profit driving tools available? Until now there was not a place that these tools could be found in one place, in one seamless service that could deliver the information and features within a reasonable price range for the growing class. A solution to your problems can now be found in one easy to use application to give you back the power to become the leader of your industry. You can take the lead and push your company forward in a way you never thought possible.

Do you want to be a trend-follower or a trendsetter? Are you ready to decrease your bounce rate and optimize your conversion rate?

Online Business - How to manage an online business effectively!

Large corporations inoculate their business from failure

Daniel Hines, Marketing Expert weighs in;

New online businesses start and fail everyday. It is no wonder why everyone is looking for the secret to managing them effectively. Is there some special sauce that you need in your online business management? Is there something missing that others have and you do not? It is quite possible. I remember when I designed my first website. It was plain, I was fourteen and I thought just being online was enough to get people and turn a profit. Those were the days. What worked yesterday doesn't work any longer today. Below are the main aspects that need your attention if you want to survive.

Pre-Launch Process (How to prevent Murphy's law)

Have you ever heard the saying “make sure you have all your ducks in a row?” The biggest thing many online business owners and entrepreneurs do, is get carried away. They start to focus on their target date of reaching profitability which is not a bad thing. However, if you start to rush in any situation, mistakes can easily be made. Most of the time when launching an online business it is the little problems that end up being the most time consuming.

Push your launch date 1-2 months (If you plan on being ready to launch in June, push it to August). This will stop Murphy’s law from discouraging your mindset. Ever since I could remember, I went to work 1 hour earlier than I needed to be there. Effectively, I was never late regardless of traffic or other travel related issues. The best thing is that I have time to sit back and really enjoy drinking my coffee before enjoying my work!

Also, make sure everything is scheduled to be completed. So to say, if you need outside services get them taking care of, set your contracts and build your relationship with service providers ahead of time. This will save time if problems arise later.

Prepare your online sales, support and IT teams through pre-launch sales, support and tech problems. This will give you a good idea about what is missing and what needs to be changed to run the most efficiently before you put your marketing budget to use.

Advertising (Put your eggs into many baskets)

One of the most important variables of success in an online business are the traffic generators. Without traffic you cannot sell your product, very simple. How do you get traffic to your website? You need quality traffic sources or paid advertising. Paid advertising is the best way to go initially this will bring in very targeted and interested leads to your website.

Until you put in place some solid traffic generators refrain from dedicating large percentages of your marketing budget to a few places. The direction that will provide a more positive result will be to spread out your budget to many different paid advertising sources. Then you can identify the campaigns that are truly bringing in the quality leads and dedicate budget accordingly.

Tracking (Stop shooting in the dark)

Being the owner or manager of an online business, you need to know where your positive results are coming from and of course, where you are weak. The great thing is that there are solutions available in these times of online businesses and easy access to information, that you can find application that can provide the A-Z solution for your online business needs. These solutions give you control of the entire lead to customer journey and maximize conversion, actually, prevent losing customers. Without tracking that shows result oriented statistics you will always be shooting in the dark.

Know your prospects (Market like the big dogs)

Is it even possible to know your prospects before they even know you, of course but you will need instant and real-time information to accomplish this. I can tell you there is not many companies that can really provide, however there is one who will give you truly track-able real-time information on your web-traffic. If you do not know who your clients are then you will not who to target, if you do not know each step that your visitors are taking in your website you will not know what is most interesting in your website. therefore, your results are limited unless you have the solution to get real-time information.

It is not enough to read the statistics of what has happened after the fact, it takes the ability to see what is happening, and what and who is responsible in real-time. This way you can prevent unwanted situations and drive more revenue.

If you want to market like the big dogs, then you need to know your prospects and market directly to their interests. Think of your website as a maze of information that will lead visitors to buying, give yourself the power to align information need most used in make a purchasing decision. Then your prospects will walk directly to the payment door.

Organization (The tree of information)

Remember those days in University when you needed to study for the final but couldn't find any of your notes under all the clothes and pizza boxes? People come to your website to access information, to research and to study before making their purchasing decision. At the same time your teams need to readily access information to guide prospects to buying. Many Online businesses fail due to the reason they do not have readily accessible information or it is hard to locate for their prospects or worse, their sales and support teams.

A system has to be in place for information to be organized, categorized and easily accessible, both in house and externally. Create your company knowledgebase and support desk in one place. Think of your organization as a tree; with management as the roots, your staff as the trunk, the branches your clients and the leaves of the tree, the ever changing sources of information needed to nourish the growth of your company.

Consistency (A well oiled machine)

After the workflow is in place, the only thing left is to keep the gears rotating. Consistency in methodology is a necessity or the reigns will slip into the hands of your competitors, who are looking to conquer the market just as you are.

It is said that consistency is a maker or breaker, personally I do not put so much weight on it. Just as important as consistency is flexibility. Without flexibility a branch will easily snap instead of strengthening over time. so keep a flexible but consistent approach to adjusting your business processes. You must become a well oiled machine to keep the gears turning in the right direction

Finding the right software (Software that brought me to life)

With so many solutions on the market, how do you know which is best for your company? Is there a software that can give you the power to effectively manage your online business?

I was lucky, with everything moving towards A-Z solutions like the large corporations use, there is a company that is returning the power to small and medium online businesses. Their solution is all that is needed to control the entire lifecycle of visitors to your website. Now, you can manage your online business effectively.