Thursday, May 16, 2013

Internet Marketing - What kind of marketer are you?

When it comes to marketing the environment changes so frequently it is hard to stay ahead. The common techniques have an almost predictable result if done correctly and in the realm of internet marketing there lots of rules to follow. With Mobile apps, visual and viral marketing now being a must, staying ahead of the digital marketing curve becomes a necessity when designing your marketing strategy. Surely, the competition is going to add these trending techniques into theirs. Really, there is no such thing as being a trend-follower unless you “just” implement what’s trending in internet marketing “now!” 
What is a trend setter, you may wonder, a trendsetter is the marketer who is in touch with his consumer base, he knows what they are interested in, he is the marketer who monitors his consumers steps and then he designs his campaigns to match the majority interest. This marketer is known as the trendsetter because he knows what his consumers want and how to show them they want it. He sets the trend!

Apple marketers are trendsetters, they appeal to their consumers interests and they create campaigns that intrigue them with such things as mobile apps and synchronization. Google is on the same level. These two massively successful companies aren't mentioned because everyone knows them and would love to be as successful. These two giants of media got this way because they monitor, engage and re-market their consumer base. They appeal to their desires and design their marketing strategies to focus on what their clients are hoping to find rather than marketing their product. Now their services, features and products are their marketing outlets.

Many marketers may follow such core principles as “don’t fix what’s not broken” but the results are always limited. You can just about predict that following trends (even with engaging content) will yield a specific percentage of ROI on the campaign.

Following trends works but most get in too late to maximize ROI from what is trending in internet marketing. Call it lack of access to priority information or not. The point is that the trendsetters are the ones who gain maximum profit..... Every time!

How to set the trend? You have to know what the client wants, you have to create that content and then market to it. Accessing your website traffic movement data, in real-time is essential. If you do not know immediately what your consumers are interested in and what not, then your campaign success is limited automatically to a specific outcome.

“Marketing is of course, an ever changing environment and staying ahead of the competitors requires access to prospect data in real-time, so you know what is most interesting in their eyes instantaneously.”

- John Basset
Marketing Director
Deloitte International

The biggest issue is that smaller companies find themselves with a lack of options to have these tools that huge corporations can purchase without a blink. It leaves small and medium companies stuck in a revolving door, which consists of grabbing onto the coattails of successful marketing techniques that start to trend.

The power is imbalanced by budget and lack of integrated solutions for the growing class. Are the tools needed to have the power of marketing manipulation available?... Sure.

Many small and medium businesses have innovative and open leadership pushing them forward. These leaders are consistently and constantly looking for the answers to the questions. One of the most frequent questions asked is “How can I make my business more profitable?”

The answers received vary and some help, some do not. Trendsetters find the answers to their questions from prospects, generation to generation. This used to be done by mailings, then phone surveys took precedence and now phone and online means are used daily.

Are surveys still efficient to learn what your prospects want of you? A trendsetter still uses the old school techniques such as surveys and gathering opinions by phone. The trendsetter is successful though not by this and is successful by watching their prospects in their natural buying process. They have the tools available to guide their prospects and the real-time data needed to market to their prospects intentions.

So where are these amazing profit driving tools available? Until now there was not a place that these tools could be found in one place, in one seamless service that could deliver the information and features within a reasonable price range for the growing class. A solution to your problems can now be found in one easy to use application to give you back the power to become the leader of your industry. You can take the lead and push your company forward in a way you never thought possible.

Do you want to be a trend-follower or a trendsetter? Are you ready to decrease your bounce rate and optimize your conversion rate?

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