Monday, June 3, 2013

4 tips that will boost your sales!

The ultimate goal for all companies online and offline is to increase sales and secure their market presence. So how do you grow your client base and secure your market share? it is likely that your company has what your target market needs the problem for you though is that your competitors do too. Here are a 5 timeless and fun tips that will help you increase your sales and consumer base. Whether you sell a product or service these tips will help you raise your sales.

Get some reputable partners:
Your prospects want to know that you can be trusted, that your service is good and that you have something in common with them, aside from solving their problem. This is especially important if you sell a service. What makes you so special? Your prospects need to know this and they don’t need you to tell them either, they need to learn about you from someone else. Partners, promoters or supporters are paramount! Nothing beats good ol’ PR, right. Get good sources interested in your product support their product and they will support yours. You do have a great product or service anyway, right? Then it is time to build some great partnerships with companies that share something in common with your target market!

Just remember, that building up a good network of known companies related to your industry takes time and building strong ties to those partners is worth the time spent.

Build awareness about your service or product:
If no one knows about your office, shop, website, product or service then no one will buy from you unless they happen to stumble upon it one night while randomly surfing the net. If you want to grow and expand your client base build your reputation, expertise and quality over through the internet. Work with reliable sources though or building your reputation can go in the opposite direction than you intend.

Don’t be too self promotional or you will lose credibility. Being too self serving is like going up to a gorgeous woman that has all she needs in the world and saying “I am the best because I know so, you need me.”

Chances are she will laugh and turn away just because you didn't give her any real quality information and that’s not your goal! Is it? Give your target market information that they can use and would be worth taking their time to look further into.

Run some “Keep in touch” campaigns:
It is always nice to get an email from a company that you purchased from or hired to provide you a service. The secret is to keeping 95% unrelated to them buying or using your service again. Keep it friendly and caring, be genuine, say Hello without ulterior motives, except that you want to see how they are coming along. Keeping in touch with previous customers will keep you on the top of their mind, so it is mostly likely that just by keeping in touch they will return to your company the next time they need what you have. Well, that is if they were satisfied and if they were not satisfied, find out why so you can take that feedback into consideration.

Keeping in touch isn't just about recycling those previous customers, keep in mind that their feedback is just as valuable.

Segment your prospects (profiling):
How do you know who wants to buy what? Demographics say so say much about your target market and what is grabbing whose attention that if neglected you are literally taking a knife to your sales and cutting them by a percentage. Which leads to having the right tools available to learn which customers are buying what and why. Who can you target for specific products. Proper analytics and monitoring software is something that if added will give you the insight you need into your consumer base. After you have the software tools you need then you can start segmenting your buyers and tailor your sales messages by profile.

Applying these few tips into your organization, you will easily gain more sales. Timeless and tested, proved and in practice techniques such as these can be found all over the net. It is definitely beneficial to run a few small campaigns, to build partnerships, awareness and of your company. Find the right software to monitor your influx of buyers and segment them into different buying groups then stay in touch with everyone for the sake of caring about them. Start turning your customers into your clients... Clients are way better for business!

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