Monday, June 3, 2013

Generation 2013: SaaS Companies Connecting The Marketing, Sales and Support Dots For Small and Medium Online Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are searching for the software all the giant’s of the internet such as Liberty Media, Zappos, Amazon and the other sharks already have; standalone solutions to connect all the aspects of the sales funnel. Using Multiple applications for controlling several aspects of the sales funnel has infamously led to productivity and collaboration issues and even issues with information loss. Marketing, sales and support all work in an interconnected and not so complex system. SMB’s are left without room to compete or even get close to the level these market mongers have gained.

However 2013 has brought innovative SaaS companies speaking the language small online entrepreneurs can understand and want to hear. SaaS companies of 2013 are focusing on this issue, knowing SMB’s are limited in choices, if they really even have any. Now SaaS companies are providing complete solutions to manage the sales funnels of websites (multiple websites in fact), giving back the power to compete with the giants and they are doing it at small business prices.

The biggest deciding factor for small businesses and home grown online, future enterprises is the price tag of the options on the market now. Enterprise solutions that don’t fit into the small online entrepreneur’s budget.

Should they suffer because there aren't many options for their level of business? The great thing about software as a service is that quality doesn't have to mean price.

Marketo is another popular but more enterprise focused, niche, SaaS provider that tailored their solution to handle a complete aspect of conducting business online. Their target market needing a software that can analyze, optimize and completely transform the marketing automation end of online businesses.

Unbounce is another that is entering the market with the same mindset and many others are sure to follow the trend. The trend is showing that online companies are looking for these solutions so they can once again control the other aspects of their business, such as their products. As we all know in the business world increased productivity and more efficient ways of handling processes leads to generating higher profits., which created a bespoke software solution that is designed specifically to connect the dots of the entire sales process of websites. It could be said “They created a monster that will consume the market” Their solution incorporates Marketing, Sales and Support features into one cloud based software, just as all the big dogs of the internet have and work with everyday. Except for the important fact that they did this to empower the small and medium, up and comers.

The new generation of SaaS companies are listening to what the market is shouting. It has taken long enough but the revolution towards A-Z Solutions is on the rise. Amazon, Zappos and you other titans better prepare for competition!

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