Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Increase Customer Conversion On Your Website

"Imagining my customer conversion rate dramatically increasing on my website is far more easier than doing it in reality!"

The most common response that comes to mind when facing the challenge of raising the conversion rate of our websites. There are thousands of new, great ideas for launching online businesses born every second but end in a street with no way out. This is a delicate issue which present-day entrepreneurs are experiencing constantly. To increase your conversion rates simply means to be one step closer to succeed in increasing the return on investment of your online business.

If we spend enough time coming up with a solution, we might realize that usually the key to solve a tough and complex issue like this is hidden in small steps that should be taken to overcome it.
The goal you have to accomplish now is to boost the conversion rate of your website!
So how to achieve that?

Unsurprisingly, there is actually one slight aspect of your online business that can help you achieve progress in this direction.

And it's called "Information".

The power of information nowadays represents probably the greatest tool you can use to bring your conversion rate to higher levels. Especially, the power of information obtained at the right time!

What you must do is structure the information your visitors will be interested in consuming in an easy, proper and convenient way to access it. You have to assure yourself that your visitors will be provided with any type of knowledge, data or records they want in order to become more aware of exactly what you are offering and that it will lead them to the final decision.

When you are trying to find a way to accomplish all of this, knowledgebase, live chat and ticket support system come into play.

 "Customers appreciate obtaining the right answer, at the right time."

  • ·   What a knowledge base is used for is organizing questions, inquiries or issues your customers may have or experience supplied with the exact answers and explanations on how to handle them. This is the major reason why you should add it to your website and immediately use it. Do not ever underestimate the opportunity to receive information with just one click! Your customers need this! The information they obtain makes them feel confident in your service or product and confident in their decision to buy from you.  

  •   Ticket support systems or Help Desk and Live Chat are other powerful sources for making your conversion rate higher. You can add them to your website and rely on them any time a visitor has some more specific questions to ask. Imagine yourself looking on a website, searching for some information and a live chat window pops up asking "how can I help you." I bet you would prefer typing your question there than searching for the answer you need in that very moment. Every person would appreciate obtaining the right answer, at the right time.

Having in mind the great influence the information received at the right moment has, applying a Knowledge base, Ticket support system and Live chat on your website will undeniably help you increase your website conversion rate. In turn dramatically increasing your return on investment as well.

Nowadays in the world of online business, the environment keeps changing fast. So, you need to be able to provide your visitors the data they are searching for in order to engage with them better; convert them into customers more easily and also give them the best user experience and satisfaction with the decision they have made to come to your website.


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