Friday, December 20, 2013

Something more to consider about Google AdSense network

It’s not surprisingly to anyone that Google has recently stopped providing the keyword data from organic search. The step Google has made had impact on many companies especially these with smaller marketing budgets. And one of the possible explanations about the motive hidden behind that action could be that Google wants from us to advertise more.

We cannot say that with 100% certainty but still it is a fact that in some cases the percentage of not provided organic keyword data has reached even 100%!

Another thing we can say for sure is that this will affect SEO agencies and marketers. Now their job will be more challenging having in mind that it will be harder to create a content based on a specific group of keywords when it’s impossible to track the results which follow after content marketing.

However, Google still provides keyword data from paid search which is good to know.

Another thing marketers have to consider concerns Google AdSense network
Displaying ads with relevant content on our websites is an opportunity to earn from clicks and impressions. A large number of websites decided to get involved in the AdSense network relying on the fact that this would be also a way to generate leads.

Why is it important to know Google AdSense quite well?

First of all, when you advertise through Google AdWords, Google does not have a fixed price for a particular keyword. Because of the competition, one announces a price and from that point bidding starts. The person who bids the highest price may influence on the amount of traffic his ads receive, as well as the ROI they generate. It is right to think that the campaign you manage in your Google AdWords account is likely to receive more traffic if you make your bids higher but you also will spend more money. 
On the other hand, with lower bids, it is more likely to achieve some improvement in the campaign's ROI but in this way it will also get fewer clicks and conversions.

Another aspect to consider is on which websites your ads appear
Most of the website owners do not have a clue about that. It happens sometimes that an ad from one online shop can be seen on another fully competitive website.

I am giving you here a link from where you can see a random list of websites included in Google AdSense network. The list is created by Built With and it will ask you to create an account in order to have access to the data.

As it starts to seem, advertising on Google is not as simple as we wished to be. If we dig deeper, another question of importance will emerge.

Do we know how many places for ads on one particular website included in AdSense has? 

I do not think so. Therefore, if we have two advertising campaigns to manage at the same time, what guarantees us that our ads do not compete between themselves leading to the surprising idea that actually we are competing with our own budgets?

Possible ways to handle these issues might be:

  •         Based on that, decide whether it is more rational to manage only one campaign for a period of time and then the others, if possible according to the specific case you want to advertise

Advertising on Google AdWords and AdSense requires deeper understanding of how it should be done. As we already described, there a few minor aspects that should be well considered.