Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stop Losing Your Marketing PPC Dollars!

Are you afraid of losing money in general? Are you afraid of losing money when it comes to your marketing budget?

Let's speak more specifically concerning PPC campaigns. I am sure that the most common response to the previous sentence which immediately comes up in your mind is: "Where on Earth does my money go?".

Maybe all of us with small exceptions have heard the phrase of John Wanamaker:
"Half my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half."

With all the analytic tools on the market, maybe we are closer to realize exactly which half is wasted and making some progress, but it's still not possible to say with 100% certainty where our money goes.

Especially now when time flies fast as never before, to afford not to pay enough attention to the ways how to save the money set for advertising on the Internet is crucial.

In this sense, the fear of losing money, I believe, is a good thing. Just because fear makes us think not only how to handle the issues we are facing, but also to avoid them. Which is more essential than the first option, definitely.

Keeping on thinking in the same direction, can you give an optional answer to the following question:

  • How can you prevent your marketing PPC budget from being wasted?

I know that many will say it is hard to diagnose a reasonable response without knowing the exact situation it's regarding. Probably, some of you have a well-organized answer and are pretty sure about it.

However, the most appropriate reply is hidden and we are about to reveal it.

As we all know, many ways to make advertising on the Internet exist, but amongst them the primary way of advertising through PPC campaigns still remains.
Pay-per-click advertising also known as Cost-per-click is an Internet advertising model used to bring quality traffic to your website and it gives you the opportunity to see who lands on your website through clicking on a link, banner or search engine result.

One thing should be kept in mind that a successful PPC campaign goes hand by hand with properly suggested and chosen keyword. This keyword is essential for the performance of the PPC campaign you launch on the Internet and is its basis. The keyword determines the interests of the eventual prospects who click on it and better suits these interests! The keyword brings direct traffic to websites and the traffic is already well-targeted. Therefore, leads who come to your website through a PPC campaign ad are curious or interested in searching for more information about your services or products in the best cases.

  • Where does the problem start?

The problem starts from where you are losing already dollars from your marketing PPC budget.
It might be because of intentionally made fraud clicks or just because a prospect who wants to check what he is searching for again and again keeps constantly opening your website by clicking on the PPC ad. Having in mind also that people are sometimes deceitful in their willing to be successful and number one in general, software bots are already on the market and can absolutely menace and decrease your PPC budget. What happens in the meanwhile is that your budget is being cut every single time when a click on your PPC ad occurs no matter in what way. No matter if the way it happens is profitable for your online business or not.

  • However, a solution does exist!

Prevent your PPC budget from being wasted because of fraud clicks:

  • by finding a way to determine whether a click is a fraud one or not-there is a way to determine that. And the tool is called Fraud Protector. It gives you the essential information about what part of all made clicks for a chosen period of time is fraud.

  • by finding who has made it-in most of the cases, the tool we mentioned above has this functionality. It provides you with information about referral pages visitors come from, keywords used to find the website, etc.

  • by giving him the opportunity to come to your website in a way which saves you money-a pop-up message asking for bookmarking the website could be a nice way to protect in some way your budget.

  • by having the option to ban a specific visitor from coming again-if the above doesn't work, then it is good to have the option to block him from coming again if you see that the only reason this visitor might have to land on your site is to continue cutting off your budget. Of course, we should consider this step very carefully because usually customers or visitors build a habit to find your site by typing its name in the search bar and when your ad appears, to click on it and go on looking at your web site's pages. Which, described in this way, is a good thing to have in mind.

And if all these tasks can be controlled from one place or system in a way you do not have to invest time and do it yourself, it would be just great.

Preventing and trying to save your marketing advertising budget when it comes to PPC campaigns, is not as simple as we wish to be. However, it is still possible to achieve progress and responsibly take care of the dollars we spend over the Internet. No human in the world likes losing money because of any reasons. From the other hand, everyone who starts online business prefers to gain more profit instead the other unwanted alternative.