Friday, December 20, 2013

The importance to be “fast & furious” in the E-commerce world

Have you ever considered that the interest of a web visitor in the product or service range of an online store or so called prospect interest is extremely short?

Thanks to the abundance of online stores flooding the Internet space or because of any other reason, web visitors, including you and me, are looking at bunches of sources of information before finally making a purchase or even only taking a decision to buy.

Due to the existing multiplicity of effective tools for generating leads and traffic such as advertising campaigns, PR, SEO (SEM), etc., a web visitor lands on your website. He looks through pages providing information about different products and services and if interested, he fills up the contact form and sends his request about a price, delivery, possible discounts and anything else he might be interested in to know.

The worst case would be, if the particular lead closes your website and goes on looking at other competitive websites until he makes his request for more information again.

Few are the cases of today's practice, in which the purchase is done during the first lead’s visit. I do not mean that such situations do not exist. But I do say they occur rarely.

Most of the time, prospects want to educate themselves about the company reputation first, about its attitude towards clients and reliability of the services the company provides. Prospects search for feedback from others who have already bought from the specific online store.

To build strong positive assessment in the minds of potential clients contributes to their belief in the quality of the products and services the company offers. After you achieve to create this impression, then the next step can be taken which again does not include purchasing itself.

Usually a prospect sends his question or request to check if he will be treated with the appropriate attention and care and to see whether what he is searching for will be provided to him in a way that makes him feel content.

How exactly important is it to be fast in our responses? When it comes to E-commerce, is speed the thing that will distinguish us from the big competition game out there?

The time for answering a specific customer question has a great impact on attracting potential customers. The very nature of E-commerce is different from the usual buying and selling process in an ordinary physical store. In the Internet space, there is an access to anything. The possibilities to satisfy needs are endless.

To respond in a similar situation, as they say "in a heartbeat", will only increase the likelihood of attracting visitors and converting them in our customers. If it takes us more time to respond, then it is quite possible to lose the lead to competitors and to forget about this lead’s interest in our products.

According to an online survey made amongst more than 2 000 companies, around 40% of the companies that took part usually respond to a potential customer request within an hour and around 17% of them respond within a day.

However, the survey shows that the average speed of responding was more than 40 hours! What a loss!

Speed ​​is a way to distinguish ourselves from the competitors, especially in today's competitive market, in which each individual customer is vital for the business.

Meeting and satisfying the needs and interests of clients is a point of paramount significance for the key success and development of each company. Rapidresponsiveness and well-timed reaction of the company leave in prospects’ mind a good impression and also increases the probability that this specific prospect will come to decision to buy and at later stage to make a purchase exactly from our online store.

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