Saturday, December 21, 2013

When you are a newbie in blogging, where to start from & what is important to know

Inbound marketing has gained a lot of attention because it simply can help a company earn attention and create an audience especially when it is done in the right way.

In comparison with outbound marketing, the essence of inbound marketing doesn’t interrupt someone’s flow of activity in order to get attention. There is no pushing to make a specific person become interested in what you are offering to him which usually happens with cold calling, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc. 

Inbound marketing is all about earning attention organically, without interrupting anyone’s activity or workflow.

In order to find your audience on the web you should be well familiar with the family of inbound marketing techniques and strategies:

What's included in inbound marketing

As you can see blogging is also a part of the inbound marketing strategies. 

The purposes to create company blogs and do blogging are to drive more organic traffic to your website, position your brand, increase your SEO, improve your customer relations and attract more of them especially with word-of-mouth advertising.

When you are a newbie in blogging, what is important to know?

1.      Choose a proper platform to manage your content (Content management system):

WordPress is a good choice to create your company blog with.
It is pretty understandable, absolutely manageable for people with no technical background and it's free.
In addition, it has hundreds of themes to choose from and can be customized in the way you want your blog to look like.

Another option for your blog content platform is Blogger
Blogger is also a free platform for managing content. Posts published with Blogger are indexed almost instantaneously. 
Compared to WordPress, Blogger does not provide abundance of ready-to-use templates to choose from. However, the option here is to develop your own template and apply it.

2.      Layout & Design

When you choose the content platform, the second step you should take, is setting up the layout and design of your blog. 
Keep in mind that just publishing an article will not bring quality leads to your company website. What will happen to those leads if the layout of your blog is not set properly?
Take this for granted if you want, but disordered sidebars, archives and blog posts frames will not bring you the result you wish.

Another thing you should consider is that it is necessary to keep your blog alive
Blogs without published articles and posts during the last few months do not make a good impression.

Be active, write as much as you can. There are thousands of topics you can choose from. However, if you want to achieve good results, better write about the problems your customers face and cope with. 
Write about the questions they have especially such kind of questions that your own customers and prospects ask you and your team.

3.      Develop unique style of writing

When your blog layout is already set, you should choose your style of writing and exposing ideas.
In order to attract readers and followers, you have to be original in your writings. Do not create posts just to publish some content.
Instead, get involved in the issue you are writing about. The themes you write about and the posts you publish have to be educational, to give information or to be at least funny. It is important to remember that no one likes to waste time reading something which does not bring value.

4.       Be social

The last newbie step you should take and not at least at all, is to make your company blog social. 
To do that, you should connect your blog with all social media platforms your business is being presented on. Give your readers an option to become your followers by sharing your content on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 
Be social, it matters!

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