Thursday, December 19, 2013

Without Prospect Engagement, You Are Failing!

Customer Insights-Put the puzzle pieces in order

Successful customer engagement means successfully achieving customer trust in the company you manage. When it's done in the right way, it brings credibility in your services or products offered on the market.

Trust should be the highest or at least amongst the highest aims of a company since no one buys a product from an questionable or unreliable source.

Moreover, building strong and long-term trust and credibility in your company through prospect engagement should exist in your business development plan as a high priority for the progress of your company. Just because without, you are simply failing.

Looking back in time, many entrepreneurs say that ignoring the importance of these two aspects, leads to bankruptcy and failure.

Especially when the company is in the very beginning, it is essential to be focused on the ways how to engage well with your customers. How can you promote or sell something when you are not aware of your customers' needs and wishes?

Let me just tell you that it's not possible!

The great use of customer knowledge and data are recognized even better in the first stage of engaging. It's the moment when a visitor lands on your website. It's the first interaction he has with it.

Information from where he comes, what search phrase he has used to find your website is not only important but critical mainly because this is your chance to decide how to engage with him better. Also, it is a chance to see at what stage of the buying cycle he stands and what and how you should present what he is searching for. The right information at the right time.

Therefore, your advantage here is the understanding of the specific interests of the visitors on your website.

Nowadays, there are systems on the market that provide this essential knowledge about visitor insights. 

Sales Intelligence: Recognize the Sales Signals

Customer information is vital for your sales success and engagement. Their names, email addresses, whether they come from an advertising campaign, the keywords typed in the search bar to find your website, what goals they achieve on your site, how much time they spend there and what pages and products they have been looking at - all this can be described as their dossier about the activity they have on your site. If you still doubt this is significant knowledge, better think twice!  

You should be well familiar with your visitors just because this information gives you the power to understand what attracts them most and to lead them in the direction you want.

Being sometimes in the position of a customer, we all buy from someone who knows how to please our wishes. We trust such a salesperson and believe he will find the most suitable product or service we need and search for; we are already opened to him. Then the other part of the sales process is easy.

It is almost impossible to sell services to customers without having a deep understanding of their needs. Gaining valuable and useful knowledge about that in the beginning of the sales process is the key factor to start engaging with them in the most proper way- by communicating with them in a relevant way based on what they've been looking at and what they are interested in to know.

And this leads us to the following statement that:

Without having understanding and knowledge about your visitors from the starting point of the sales funnel, than engaging with them is a tough job to accomplish and you might be failing in building customer trust in your company.

Have in mind also that many of the sources to gather sufficient information to understand customers' behavior better, come from the customer himself. That is the main reason why websites must integrate systems for live conversations with visitors exactly in the same way as if they interact in a physical shop. Relying on live chats, you will find many information about how exactly you can satisfy this specific visitor, engage him and convert him into a loyal customer who buys from your website even after he has made his first purchase.

The obtained data about the consumer insights represents a forceful tiller in your hands. Building trust and credibility in your company goes hand by hand with engaging with your website visitors.

If you use responsibly and properly the knowledge you have about them to satisfy their needs, than engaging even when they are still just anonymous visitors, will be a successful and profitable step towards your company's growth and progress.